The Heliotropic Effect


It is the tendency for all living systems to move towards energy which sustains life...from single cell organisms to plants, to you and I. It's why a plant placed on a window sill tilts toward the sun. The sun is a positive source of energy that attracts and gives life to all living things. Much like plants, we as humans are drawn towards energy that lifts us up and we shy away from energy that depletes us. Some people are very heliotropic, and some, not so much. When people are being heliotropic, they are being their best selves. What does it look like when we are being our best self? It means being kind, authentic, compassionate, grateful, and positive. It means following through on commitments, keeping your word, being honest, you get the picture. Research done on organizational leaders shows that people are either positive energizers who uplift the people they come in contact with or they are negative energizers who bring people down.

Some people are like the sun on our leaves....and others are like salt water poured on our roots! One sustains our life, the other stresses us out!​

Hence, Be the Sun, not the Salt.



They smile
They keep their word
They are dependable
They are honest
They are hard working
They are kind
They listen well
They are compassionate
They are forgiving
They are curious
They are thoughtful
They are aware of others
They are vulnerable
They are authentic
They are positive
They are helpful
They are playful
They are disciplined
They are humble
They want to learn
They are patient
They are courageous
They want to be better


Listen to Dr. Harry Cohen's TEDx Talk to hear more about heliotropic leadership.

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