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John R   April 16, 2021

By practicing positivity and the heliotropic effect, I have been able to improve and strengthen the relationships in my life both personal and professional. The wisdom within Be the Sun, Not the Salt is easy to understand and can be applied to almost all aspects of daily life. Plus, lots of what Harry writes is easy to remember and serves as a friendly reminder to Be the Sun!

Pat H.   January 11, 2021

The book's simple messages help us be our best selves. Harry Cohen is the Fred Rogers of the next generation.

Dorothy B.   December 28, 2020

I received "Be the Sun, Not the Salt" a few years ago as a gift. It is easy to understand, contemplate and act on. Dr. Harry Cohen is motivating, smart and a skilled communicator. Along with the book, I recommend watching Harrys Ted Tak and other YouTube interviews. His positive encouragement and inspiration reminds us while uplifting others we uplift ourselves.

Tim S.   November 20, 2020

I am a participant in a three-part Be the Sun Not the Salt workshop. Last Friday was our first session. We were wrapping up an impactful session when Dr. Cohen asked for examples of small gestures we do to show others we appreciate them. I shared that I comped a hand-written note to those who made my day a little nicer before my head hits the pillow each night. A few people commented that it sounded nice but that they probably wouldn't adopt it because it's a lot of work. I confirmed their suspicion and shared I had recently begun to neglect the process (this has been a multi-year habit). Then something really rewarding happened. A participant shared that she had been the recipient of one of my notes about a year ago. She said it had been very impactful and that she has it displayed in her office to revisit on difficult days. I have been thanked for my notes many times, but nobody has actually shared how big of an impact the message had on them. This exchange was unexpected and it touched me deeply (my eyes may have watered a bit and I'm not a drama person). In that moment, I felt the full effect of that participant's sun and was blessed to be sun-kissed for the rest of the day. Oh, I have resumed my nightly ritual.

Kevin S.   September 18, 2019

Dr. Harry's message is a universal truth; be a good person and treat people so that they are drawn to you. It's not just good advice for life, it turns out to be great for managing people and a business. It's so good I teach it to my employees and my kids. This stuff really works.

Mary Kae R.   September 14, 2019

Dr. Harry's coaching philosophy of Do More of That, is a great guide to building your best self/team. Intentionally look for you/your team at their best. Lead with the 5 to 1 strategy, and you will produce more engaged team members. In our office, we are always watching for what went well and pointing it out, so we can repeat it in as many areas as possible!

Alex H.   September 08, 2019

There is so much wisdom packed into this book! The concepts presented here are elegant (e.g. not designed by a complexifier) as they are easy to grasp and can have an immediate, positive impact on anyone willing to put them into practice -- both in business and in life. Well done Harry!


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