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Brittney W.   May 04, 2021

The simplicity of Be the Sun, Not the Salt makes the complex topic of what it means to be heliotropic much easier to comprehend. Although it sounds daunting, Dr. Harry Cohen paints a clear picture of what it means to be positive, empathetic, kind, genuine, etc., and offers plenty of examples of small ways to practice these behaviors in our daily lives. I have witnessed readers of all ages discuss what they learned from Be the Sun, Not the Salt, and even young children were able to speak to what it means to be the sun and why everyone should do it. If the new generations can understand this, imagine what this movement could inspire in everyone else!

Spencer Y.   March 04, 2021

Be the Sun, Not the Salt is a great reminder that the smallest gestures can make all the difference. I make sure to focus on doing this every day and have noticed that it can be contagious and has even lead to building new friendships. This book gave me a new perspective on what being positive looks like and as Harry describes it, being #Heliotropic!

Shelly K.   February 05, 2021

From Walmart online agent after a difficult confusing conversation regarding a return: "Thank you so much for your kindness and understanding regarding this issue. You are the kindest customer I had all day and I'm very grateful." My response: "Thank you. I always try to be the sun and not the salt in someone's day. You have been perfect."

Kevin S.   September 18, 2019

Dr. Harry's message is a universal truth; be a good person and treat people so that they are drawn to you. It's not just good advice for life, it turns out to be great for managing people and a business. It's so good I teach it to my employees and my kids. This stuff really works.

Dan M.   September 10, 2019

I have been a big supporter of Harry Cohen and his works for over twenty years. As a Lincoln dealer, I have witnessed the results of his remarkable compassion and dedication toward motivating people. He truly instills confidence with his words and actions. His recent book, "Be The Sun, Not the Salt" embodies the positive energy he has conveyed his whole career. I purchased forty books for my dealerships in order to show my team some of the positive vibes I would love for them to feel. I am grateful for all of Harry's wisdom and motivation.

Alex H.   September 08, 2019

There is so much wisdom packed into this book! The concepts presented here are elegant (e.g. not designed by a complexifier) as they are easy to grasp and can have an immediate, positive impact on anyone willing to put them into practice -- both in business and in life. Well done Harry!


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