I created this website for a very simple reason. Everyone wins when any of us are more heliotropic. All of us can lean in to being our best self more often. It has nothing to do with age, gender, class, nationality, personality, or intellect. It has to do with our intention. Many years ago I wrote a self -help book Secrets of the Obvious. This stuff is obvious, but I want to make it even easier to practice. I'll do my best to keep it short and most importantly HELPFUL!

If anyone has something that makes it easier for us to practice being more heliotropic, please suggest away!

This is not something you have to wait for days, weeks, months or years to see the results. This is like you get to eat dessert and not gain weight! There is no cost and the payoff is immediate!

Just hold the door for someone and watch what happens!

Harry D. Cohen PhD

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